Acer 317 – World’s first 17-inch Chromebook Review

Have you ever felt that your notebook is not so big when you are working at your office? Or do you need to connect an external LED monitor to work better with your notebook? Then your problems are solved as Acer has launched Acer 317 that is the world’s first 17-inch Chromebook.

Acer is satisfied due to the size of the screen and it says that this Chromebook is for parents with children, multitaskers in offices, and many other features.

More Configuration Options

The Acer 317 comes with so many configuration settings. While some of the best settings are mentioned below.

If we first talk about the screen that is 17.3 inches and consists of a full HD resolution of 16:9 aspect ratio. And you can also buy the touch screen version that is a bit higher in price or you can compensate with the regular screen as well if you have a tight budget.

Similarly, you can choose the processors as well if you want to stay within budget. The first version comes with an Intel Pentium Silver N6000 processor and it has a bit higher price and you can opt for the Intel Celeron N5100 processor and also for Celeron N4500 processor. If you want to keep staying within the budget.

Does It Feel Big?

Yes, of course, a 17.3 inches screen laptop would look like a giant notebook. However, the weight of this Chromebook is only 2.35kg. Although the screen size is huge you can not say that this is the most advanced and HD screen display as it only provides 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. So it’s a little drawback here and you can check it if you want to use a really high definition like 4K display then this device is not for you.


So in closing, we would say that this Chromebook is really a big one and you can count on it. You can buy this book and save your money as well.

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