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11 Best Android Music Player App



It is said, “Music is food for the soul”. Many believers have their belief in that music soothes our mind and body along with soul. It’s a magic, it’s a cure, it’s a peace of mind and yes music is everything who has covered all things to it, in some regions, there are some institutes that cure mental problems, anxiety problems and depression with music. It’s a power, and it will hypnotize your mood. And if you are a true music lover then you surely agree with these beliefs. As the world has changed for everything since the massive advancement in science and technology, so the ways to listen, create and enjoy the music has drastically developed. By coming to my main topic, I’d talk about android music players, we will throw light on some of the best Android music player app in this article.

I am a bit curious about the science behind music, and this is a fact that it gives you a thrill, energy, motivation. My those readers who do workout answer me a simple question that is “how many times you lift more weight while having your earphones active in your ears compare to empty ears?” Okay one more question for runners, tell me how many times you run on the long way while having your favorite song on your headphones? I am pretty sure your answers will be “ Yes, we do more than we can when we music hits our ears drums.” So, this is the power of music, in fact, this is Music.

Okay, lets come to the theme and start exploring best Android music player app. Please bear with me.


Best Android Music Player App

Best Android Music Player App
Best Android Music Player App

It is a bit complicated, and it all depends on what your need is. In Play store, there are plenty of music player apps for android which has marvelous features. Some are good for slow relax music and some are best for hardcore music. Although a music player app comes with an Android phone some smartphone brands are not providing the best music player app for android. No worries, these cool android music player apps will change your android phone into a disco club.


What is the Best Free Music Player App for Android?

What is the Best Free Music Player App for Android
What is the Best Free Music Player App for Android

The music player is a necessary part of smartphones, whether you are listening to Jazz or Classic, all you need is the best music player to enjoy each chord. In fact, Android users are lucky in this matter, they have a bundle of music player apps though some of them are a 3rd party they are just awesome.

Let’s start the list of best-handpicked music player apps for Android.


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Best Music Player for Android 2019

Best Music Player for Android 2019
Best Music Player for Android 2019


1. JetAudio HD

My favorite, JetAudio HD is a very old music player app for android. I am sure you have used its PC version back in old school days. It was one of the best music players in those days, but now they have introduced their Android version too in 2019, which is not less than any best android music player app.

And this is another app which comes with equalizer settings. It is offering some additional presets as compare to I have mentioned above. It can boost the base, add fine tuning to classic tunes and much more. You can use the paid version of jetAudio HD is you are a guy who hates ads.

Download JetAudio HD


2. Poweramp


Poweramp is another one of from good music apps, Poweramp is a stylish and advanced music player for android. Superfine interface with flawless designs, infect you can customize the interface with the feature of themes. Download from PlayStore and make it as you want. It supports all kind of audio files, including RAW audio files.

Download Poweramp


3. Phonograph


The Phonograph is for those music lovers who want to record their podcasts streaming and listen to them later after. You can stream live FM radio as well through this music app (FM Radio should be installed in your android device). If your Android device is running out of RAM and you need a good music app then this is for you, it is very lightweight on memory and powerful in features and that’s what’s makes it best music player for android 2019.

Download Phonograph


4. Musicolet


Musicolet is an android mp3 player with loads of music features. And yes it’s totally free, no ads no interruptions, in fact, it is run better in offline mode. A very classy user interface along with equalizer feature. And very lightweight app with all basic audio playing and tunning options.

Download Musicolet


5. DoubleTwist Music Player

DoubleTwist Music Player
DoubleTwist Music Player

A good music player with Radio and Podcast, it can truly synchronize your songs library and from your Laptop to your android phone easily. DoubleTwist can Double the fun of music. The app is pretty fast in running and smooth in the interface.

Download DoubleTwist Music Player


6. Google Music Player for Android

Google Music Player for Android
Google Music Player for Android

And yes finally Google play is here, I can understand that Google music player is no too hi-fi enriched feature music player but it is also true that it can not be ignored, especially when you count on the storage facility. Google music player offering you a large disk of space, you can store as many songs on cloud as you want, though it is not offering a bass booster, a killer equalizer, and a fine tuner but it still in my list and the reason is that it is super compatible and supports all kind of android phones.

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Make a song and upload it to Google’s cloud storage and keep those songs along with you all the time, no matter where ever you go and wherever you log in, synchronize with your laptop, PC, Tablet and all other things who can run a Gmail or Google services. That’s its best.

Download Google Music Player for Android


Best Music Player for Android with Equalizer


7. Blackplayer Music Player APK

Blackplayer Music Player APK
Blackplayer Music Player APK

BlackPlayer is the best music player with equalizer and very stylish and features rich music player. You can play almost all sort of audio files in it. Add an extra flavor and clarity to your favorite song with its customizable equalizer. Both paid and free versions are free from awkward ads. But paid version is a bit higher in features as to free one. But in my perception, BlackPlayer is a music player you should give a try at least. And believe me, it worths for it.

Download BlackPlayer

Download BlackPlayer Music Player APK


8. MediaMonkey


MediaMonkey is full feature fledged and simple music player. It offers an equalizer with the media library. You can synchronize between your phone and PC as well. beside its app, MediaMonkey is offering desktop app too. The best part of it in my review is its AI, it can sense the some same like a melody by different composers. And yes MediaMonkey is best android music player app.

Download MediaMonkey


9. Music Bass Booster

Music Bass Booster
Music Bass Booster

Music Bass Booster is another perfect and specifically equalizer based music player app, in fact, Music Bass Booster is a truly equalizing app for android. It is offering you a five-band bass boosting equalizer with some other tunning audio features. The interface is very simple and cool, you can easily manage and fine-tune your audio songs without any pro knowledge about music tunning. Smooth and crystal clear output (if and only input audio is hi-fi quality). If you are looking for the best equalizing music app then here it is.

Download Music Bass Booster


10. Nuetralizer

As its name resembles, it’s an equalizer with music player features. One of the best parts is it can automatically set up and retune music and audio with its Artificial intelligence. Although this feature is in the paid version of the app. But free version allows you to set frequencies according to your taste. Feel extra layer of clarity while enjoying your bass boosted songs. Give it a try if you are a bass lover.

Download Nuetralizer


11. Samsung Music App

Samsung Music App
Samsung Music App

Samsung music app comes with Samsung mobiles as default music app for the phone. Samsung is pretty good in music sense and it has proved itself throughout the years. This music app is capable to provide FALC files, FLAC is the compressed version of an audio file without the changes in quality of the file. And also it is compatible with all kind of audio formats like Mp3, AKV, AAC, WMA, and FLAC as well. you can easily manage and set a list of songs according to Composers, Albums, Singers, and Genre as well.

Download Samsung Music App


Still Confused?

Why don’t you try Best Android Music Player Reddit

Reddit is a social platform to discover and find something, you can get the latest trends and issues from Reddit, it’s such a good way to keep in touch with society. So if you are looking for customizing android music player device or Android portable music player you can find it on Reddit easily. And not only this, but you can find an android app developer there and you can hire him or her for your customize android music player app. But it costs you a bit.


Do you know? what is Android Alternative to iPod?

what is Android Alternative to iPod
what is Android Alternative to iPod

Besides iPods, some Android-based devices are also marvelous music playing. Here I will share some of them which are best android based iPod alternatives and some of them are even better than iPods.

Have a look!

  • Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
  • Sony Walkman
  • Philips GoGear Connect
  • Pioneer XDP-100R-K
  • Cowon Plenue D
  • Fiio X7 Mark ii
  • AK70 Mkii


So What you Decide?

Tell me through these all best Android music player app which one you tried and liked well. I truly hope you will enjoy your music while using any of these android music player apps. Please give you kind feedback and let me know if you are facing any issue regarding these music player apps.


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