Best Apps of the Year 2021 – Top Rated Android Apps

If you are an android user then you must have certain apps on your mobile phone like messenger, google maps, Twitter, etc.

So in this year 2021, we have compiled some of the best android apps that you should have on your mobile phone. Let’s have a look at these apps.

Poweramp Equalizer

So if you are a music lover guy then you must have Poweramp Equalizer installed on your mobile device. There are some amazing features of this app that you can not overlook. So what you can do with Poweramp Equalizer. Here are some main features of this app below.

You can fine-tune your music or songs while you are listening to them. There are so many ways to fine-tune your favorite music as there are a number of preset or auto-set bands that you can set to check the quality of your music.

Pokémon HOME

So Pokemon fans, this app is for you. If you are willing to store your pokemon on the cloud then you must have to pay for it. So there is an app called Pokémon HOME that can store your 35 pokemon for free and if you want to store more pokemon then you have to pay a 3 dollar monthly subscription fee to store up to 6000 pokemon easily.

Look to Speak

This app is very interesting and helpful. If you are a frequent reader of books or online reading then this app is for you. You can read books with the help of this app. Actually, this app can highlight the sentence or words or lines that you are looking at. Yes, you just need to keep your eyes on that sentence and this app will automatically highlight that part of the reading. So isn’t it amazing for you? Of course, it is.

National Park Service

Want to go for a trip to National Park but you are unable to decide which national park you should go to and where are the most famous national parks out there? Then this app is for you. This app can find all the national parks of the city and highlight them on Google Maps so you can easily find the best national park out there.


Again this app is for music lovers from all around the world. The app is not free as you have to pay a $4.99 monthly fee to listen to your favorite songs all day. You can get access to the Plexamp server and listen to as many songs as you want.

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