Font Keyboard for Android: Best Stylish Typing App 2022

The Fonts Keyboard app is a free application that allows you to input text using different fonts. With the new update, the app now includes over 500 fonts (more than any other keyboard). The application is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

The keyboard has a very sleek design, but it also includes features that improve your typing experience. With the ability to choose from over 500 different fonts and more than 800 emoji, this is definitely an app worth downloading!

Make your Social Media Posts Stylish

Make your Social Media Posts Stylish

Fonts Keyboard is an amazing app to make your Social Media Posts stylish. It has multiple themes, fonts, and emoji stickers. You can use all these things in any app like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger for a professional look at your posts. The best part about this keyboard is that it doesn’t need a rooted device to install on your android phone.

Fonts Keyboard app is available for free on Play Store and has in-app purchases to unlock all the themes, fonts, and stickers of your choice. Moreover, with this keyboard, you don’t need any other third-party social media apps like Quik or Overgram because it provides amazing features that can be used with almost every messenger app which runs on the Android Operating system including Whatsapp Messenger App.

So if you are looking forward to adding some funky text effect to your Social Media Posts then Fonts Keyboard is a must-use keyboard for you. You will find thousands of different style fonts along with beautiful emoji stickers so that you can make your personal profile look more attractive than others in just a few minutes!

The best part about this Fonts Keyboard is that it’s completely free to use and you can download this amazing app from Google Play Store.

Fonts Keyboard app has thousands of users all around the world who are using Fonts keyboard for their different social media apps like Whatsapp messenger, Facebook messenger, etc.

Features of Fonts Keyboard

  • change the app theme colors of your keyboard, including backspace and spacebar. This will help you see them better depending on the background color of what you are typing into.
  • resize the size of your keyboard. This will be useful if you have larger fingers or are using a large phone. You can also use this feature to type into small spaces where you only want half the keyboard with an option for more when needed.
  • change how keyboards look by changing themes, including emoji views and custom backgrounds that go behind your text in specific apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik etc…
  • use a number row on the top of your keyboard, this will make it easier to type numbers quickly.

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