How Did Gerard Way Weight Gain?

Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, began gaining weight in early 2013. Although Way claims he “went up a pants size,” many fans suspect it’s much more than that.

Rumors surrounded Gerard about his sudden weight gain due to an Instagram photo he posted on June 30, 2015, which showed him looking very different from his usual self. Fans speculated that he either gained weight or was pregnant, and Way shut them down, claiming he had “put on some muscle,” and didn’t specify what type of exercise changed his body.

On July 16, 2016, another photo was posted to Gerard’s Instagram account showing him at a beach with former bassist and current guitarist for MCR, Mikey Way. The photo was captioned “me and my lil’ mikey Way,” which only fueled the rumors that Gerard had been pregnant.

What is the Biography of Gerard Way?

  • Born = April 9, 1977 (age 44) Summit, New Jersey, U.S.
  • Years active = 2001–present
  • Associated acts = My Chemical Romance
  • Eye color = Brown
  • Hair color = Dark Brown/Black
  • Height = 5ft 8in (173 cm)
  • Other names = Daddy, Gee, The Patient Pacer

Did Gerard Way take drugs?

No, Gerard Way has never done drugs. This rumor has circulated for years but has never been confirmed. In an interview with Kerrang! magazine in 2006, Gerard stated, “I’ve never done drugs. I don’t even like to take aspirin.”

Is Gerard Way gay?

There is no confirmation that Gerard Way is gay, but there are many rumors and speculation to this effect. In a 2006 interview with Q magazine, Gerard was asked about his sexuality and replied, “I’m not really sure. I’ve never really thought about it.”

What type of exercise did Gerard Way do to gain muscle?

Gerard has never discussed what type of exercise he did to gain the muscle he has now. Fans have speculated that Gerard began some sort of strength training and many claims. Way’s weight gain results from increased muscle mass rather than fat.

Who is Gerard Way married to?

Gerard Way is married to Lindsey (Boucher) Way. The couple has been married since February 3, 2006, and they have one son, Miles William Way, born on December 20, 2013.


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