Google Photos: Best way to Backup Photos

Google Photos - How to backup with Google Photos?


Google Photos is the only photo editing, and backup app that we think must have a place in any Smartphone or Tab. If you have ever lost all of your media files as soon as your mobile phone died or lost, then you will understand why it is essential. While it only contains minimum editing features. Google Photos arranges your videos and photos, offers simple sharing and — most significantly — automatically backs up your whole picture library into the cloud.

From that point, it can sync with all of your devices where the program is installed. Including Apple smartphones, laptops, tablet computers, and desktop computers; Windows computers, along with most of the Android devices.

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Google Photos: So what is it?

what is google photos
what is google photos

Before we delve into how to get it running, here is a short primer on which Google Photos is.

A spin-off out of Google+ that arrived in 2015, it’s a cloud-based archive for video and photos that can you access either via a web browser along with your smartphone through an Android or iOS app.

Sounds somewhat like Google Drive or Dropbox, right? When there are similarities, Photos is less a folder-based filing cabinet and much more a massive photograph album with necessary editing tools and smart machine learning.

It is the machine learning which gives Photos its eerily good search skills — and a slight advantage over the likes of Amazon Prime Photos, Shoebox, and Cluster. As long as you don’t mind Google combing throughout your vacation snaps and hunting for famous landmarks to tag, naturally.

Google Photos makes it possible to organize your videos and photos so that it’s easy to locate the 1 picture among the many thousands which you would like. Initially, Google Photos organizes your documents by date. Additionally, it uses your device’s geo-location, and facial and object recognition (with assistance from the set of contacts around Google+) to assign keywords automatically.

Google Photo search is a fantastic feature.  As an example, you can search for a puppy, and it is going to quickly display all of the images and videos you have taken of your pet (and of another dog on your library). No app’s facial or thing recognition is ideal, but Google Photos learns from the options and gets much better as you go along. Obviously, you may even add your own key phrases on your documents’ descriptions, and transfer files into files which you create.

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So, is it worth of buy?

So, is it worth of buy
So, is it worth of buy

If the answer is in “Yes” or “No” then “Yes” it worth. Google Photos offers unlimited storage of “high quality” photographs (up to 16 megapixels) and movies (up to 1080p), or 32GB of storage room for first caliber (i.e., no matter your device captures over Google’s high-definition definition). The one exception is if you use a Google phone: In that scenario, you will have infinite storage for original-quality videos and images. The expense of additional storage to get original-quality documents is $1.99 per month for 100 gigabytes, $9.95per month for one terabyte, $19.95per month for two terabytes, up to a $299.99per month for 30 terabytes.


Fun Features of Google Photos

Fun Features
Fun Features

Google Photos has its own fun side, too. For example, it automatically creates animated GIFs from photographs you take from batches. It is also possible to produce your own movies, animations, collages and slideshows. However, we found the choices very limited. After Photos has created a collage or slideshow from selected images, you can’t make any adjustments to the layout or location of these pictures.

Google’s photo-editing attributes are designed to take very little input from the consumer, and as such are fast and easy. For example, the individual user-controlled sliders you get would be to correct color, contrast, and light (pop up) on the general picture. However, recent upgrades have included some improvements. Auto Boost did a fantastic job of eliminating the yellow cast onto an underexposed image of the cat Rascal.

Along with sharing your documents on social networking, it is possible to share records straight — with friends that do not have a Google Photos account. Moreover, now you can also see your documents on your TV with AirPlay.


How to Backup Photos to Google Photos?


How you can back up photos from your Camera

How you can back up photos from your Camera
How you can back up photos from your Camera

There are two methods to begin your Google Photos backup — in the desktop program or the smartphone app.

To manually copy Google image from an SD card or desktop, you have to download ‘Backup & Sync’ (Windows and Mac).

This replaces two older desktop programs (Google Photos Backup and Drive) and enables Photographs to create clones of your photographs and videos to stash away securely from the cloud.

Are these specific duplicates or compressed variations? This is the primary decision when you are establishing ‘Backup & Sync.’ You get two choices from Google Image: ‘High quality’ or ‘Original.’

Google Image will save an infinite number of 16-megapixel photographs and 1080p movies in ‘High quality’ for free. However, this is not really the entire story; they are compressed, also, to decrease space.

In our evaluations, Google’s compression has been remarkable, crunching files down in size with no significant reduction in quality. If you mostly view photos onscreen or are mainly backing up smartphone snaps, then you should be OK using the entire ‘High quality’ alternative.

However, if you are a photographer who needs non-compressed RAW copies, or you are a fan of printing out your snaps, then you are probably going to need to plump for ‘First.’

As Google Image only gives you 15GB storage for free, this will likely come at a price, but also at #8 per month for 1TB storage (or #79 annually), Google Photos compares favorably to the likes of Dropbox.


There is one significant caveat: Google image doesn’t support every type of RAW file, so it’s well worth checking its own support page to see if your camera variant is on there before you dab a 20TB program.


Decided to plump for Google Photos? Once you’ve downloaded ‘Backup and Sync’ and signed into your Google account, it is then just a case of choosing the folder(s) you need Photos to automatically back up.


To setup SD cards, then you will first have to insert one into your SD card slot. Then in the ‘Backup & Sync’ setup, click ‘Select Folder’ and pick the SD card for a source to back up.


As soon as you’re set up, Google Photos’ ‘Backup & Sync’ resides from the menu bar near the very top of your screen, where you’ll be able to view it whirring off and saving copies of your snaps to the cloud.


How can you make Backup of Smartphone Photos

How can you make Backup of Smartphone Photos
How can you make Backup of Smartphone Photos

The Google Photos app is an excellent selection for this, also.

Download it for iOS or Android, be sure Google Image ‘Backup & Sync’ is switched on, and also your own smartphone photographs will be supported up to Google’s Drive.

Of course, you get somewhat more control in iOS in comparison to Android. By way of instance, from the Android app, it is possible to define which folders Photos backs up, for example, Instagram, downloads or screenshots. To do so, enter ‘Backup & Sync’ then choose ‘Back up folders’ to disable specific folders off and on.

If you are running from inner smartphone due to a marginally over-enthusiastic snapping, then the Google Photos app will Free up area’ alternative will also conveniently delete any pictures on your phone which are already backed up.


Backup your Analog photos

Backup your Analog photos
Backup your Analog photos

Google’s cloud photo album is not only for digital snaps — in case you’ve got a heap of wedding Polaroids you would like to save Google Images, there is a link to Google’s Photos can program in the Photos menu. This permits you to use your phone’s camera to scan bodily snaps, and can subsequently be sent to a Google Photos backup.

Better still, if your photographs are black and white family heirlooms, then Google Photos will probably have the ability to colorise them. This attribute was declared at Google I/O 2018, though Google has not said exactly when it’s going to be coming into the Google Photos app. We are going to update this attribute when it arrives.


Make a Photobook with Google Photos

Make a Photobook with Google Photos
Make a Photobook with Google Photos

Google’s Photo books service was announced back in 2017, but now you can finally get a physical incarnation of your favorite snaps posted to you in the UK.

Go to the Photo books site, and it’ll suggest a few recordings to you from the collection, though you’re probably best off picking your own by pressing the ‘beginning a new publication’ button.

The website groups shot by location and time period then gives you an appealing, gift-friendly design (which you can make tweaks to).

The books contain 20 pages, even though you can add extra ones from 49p each page up to a maximum of 100 pages. Pricing is reasonable too, with soft-covered publications beginning at #11.99 and hardcover ones available for #22.99.

You’ll need to shell out a bit extra for shipping too (roughly #4.99 for’market’ delivery), but the total price is still pretty decent for the magic reminder of an occasion or your entire year’s highlights. We’ll update this page once we’ve had the opportunity to order one and test out its newspaper and print quality.


User Reviews

About Android Play Store, Google Photos was downloaded over 500 million times, more than Google Play, and also the more than 7 million testimonials give it an average score of 4.4 stars. Around 3,000 Apple users have rated it an average of 5 stars.

A number of the positive remarks are much like the one that stated, “I do not know what I’d do without it” Others are happy with its ease of use and totally clean, pleasing interface. A few made the very valid comment that troubleshooting and aid are minimal.

Google photos are not less than a miracle for those who love to take selfies, photos and make videos every time.

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