Ok Google Turn on Flashlight – Best Way to Turn on Android Flashlight

Ok Google Turn on Flashlight – How it Works


What is “Ok Google Turn on Flashlight “?.The Google personal assistant feature is now relied upon by millions of individuals all over the world. Just tell Google exactly what you would like it to perform, and it’ll carry out the action. Turning in your flashlight is not any difficult if you have Google’s personal assistant all you have to do is just speak “Ok Google Turn on Flashlight” and that all how it works.

Let us face it, nobody carries around a flashlight. Thus, when you end up in a dark location, you may use the flashlight to light up the way — far more suitable than relying upon the dull glow of the display like we did until the flashlight feature was released.

The flashlight is on your own camera at the rear of the telephone, using exactly the exact same light the camera utilizes for your flash. The sole difference is that you’ve got complete control of what the light will. The mild, particularly on newer apparatus, is more economical and stronger than most standalone flashlights.

Many devices have an android flashlight built in, but in addition, there is countless android flashlight widget for download on Google Play which you could navigate that will provide you with additional controls.


Ok Google Turn on Flashlight – How it Works?


Flashlight for android and flashlight app for tablet is necessary and almost all android phones come with android flashlight app, in case your smartphone has no flashlight app, don’t need to worry just go to Google Play store and search for “Best Flashlight App” and there you will find a bunch of apps that will blow your flashlight.

Google Assistant is pretty supportive in this manner, Google now introduced a function where you simply tell the Google assistant that whatever you want to know or do. By simply saying “Ok Google Turn on Flashlight” Google assistant will quickly Turn on Android flashlight. Not ends here, by saying “Ok Google Turn off Flashlight” it will quickly turn off flashlight on Android. This is best android flashlight shortcut.


How to Turn on Flashlight on Android Phone?


Turn on the flashlight on android phone is as simple as 123. Just follow the steps to turn on android flashlight.

Method#1 – Usual Method

If you are running Android Lollipop or high, you can quickly turn on flashlight by simply heading to a fast setting. This method is simple and should work for many of you. But, it’s not the quickest method.

For cases, first, you have to unlock the device > swipe down the display to start rapid settings > then tap on a flashlight. Overall, it requires three steps. And older smartphones, don’t have this choice. So let’s take a look at some better choice.

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Method#2 – Ok Google Turn on Flashlight

Another android flashlight shortcut is Android voice helper, called Google now. And after a recent update, it has also started supporting Flashlight automation. Just, swipe up from the home button and then say,’OK Google turn flashlight’. And it’ll turn ON the torch.

You should possess a Nexus device, then you might also turn on’OK Google’ hot word detection. This will enable you, to utilize this control (as well as many others) even when the display is OFF. And yes, with Tasker, you may even decrease this to one control.

In brief, this technique is quick, simple, and operates all the time. You do not require an internet connection. But, occasionally it may feel little embarrassing to state that “Ok Google Turn on Flashlight” in public. So let’s see what other option do we’ve.


Method#3 – Turn on Android Flashlight App with Gestures

You can turn ON flashlight (even when the screen is OFF) by just shaking your apparatus and then to turn off flashlight on android to shake it once more. Sounds more practical, Right?

To do so install flashlight LED ace app from Play Store (best flashlight app). It is totally free and works well. Now, there are a few annoying ads within the app, but since you are not going to need to open the app much, this won’t matter. Plus additionally, it has android wear support, which can be nice.

But if you already have tasker, then you certainly don’t need this torch app download. Moreover, you can personalize everything. Like — trigger flashlight together with the gesture but just when the device is the link to specify wifi or at the particular time.

Start with downloading Tesla Led Plugin from Google Play, Then visit Profile > Event > Sensor > Shake > place your taste. Now create a New task > click on the icon > Third party > TeslaLed > make desirable changes.


Method#4 – Turn Android Flashlight on While Phone is Locked

From Android 5.0 onwards, Android lost its ability to place widgets on lock display. Currently, there are few workarounds, but they’re so complex that it is hardly worth the time.

Instead, what you can do is, start the camera app from the lock screen (it comes default in most Android) and then head to video mode and turn Flashlight. This work too, but it also retains the camera program open. No need to record a video, though.

I concur this not the quickest method, but it is helpful when others want to use your phone as a flashlight and you do not need them to get your device content.


Where is my Flashlight on my iPhone?


The iPhone is the ultimate modern convergence device, seamlessly combining phone, music player, and internet communicator all into one. since iPhone has not any Google assistant so you can not turn on the flashlight just saying “Ok Google Turn on Flashlight“ As a result of Control Center and the LED flash, however, the iPhone is only ever a swipe apart from being something — a flashlight! From kitchen to bedroom into a vehicle to a studio to server room, your iPhone as a flashlight isn’t only convenient, it may be a life-saver.


How to turn on your own iPhone flashlight?


  1. Swipe up from the bottom bezel of your iPhone to bring up Control Center.
  2. Tap the Flashlight button in the bottom left.
  3. Point the LED flash on the back of your iPhone in whatever you would like to light up.

To turn off the LED flashlight, just repeat the same process again


How do I get my flashlight to come on?


To do this you have to find “Android Flashlight Shortcut”. Although the best way to turn on the flashlight in android phone is telling Google assistant that, Ok Google Turn on Flashlight, but in some cases, if you are in a public location then you might feel awkward to call “Ok Google Turn on Flashlight”. then there is a way to do it secretly, Just go to your home screen and pull down the status bar. There you will find “Torch” push it for a while and then drag it to your home screen and wherever you like to do.


Turn on Flashlight Android Code

If you are a developer then this is for you. For building best android flashlight app, I am sharing you my “turn on flashlight android code” with you. By implying this coding you can make an android flashlight app.

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How Do I Turn on my Flashlight on my LG Phone?


Just Swipe down the notification panel do you see the flashlight at the Quick Settings toggles? Otherwise, scroll all the way to the right of the Quick Settings pub, and tap Edit. See if there’s a Flashlight option you may add. Since LG is operated in Android OS, then surely you can turn on the torch by telling google now “Ok Google Turn on Flashlight”.


How to Turn on Flashlight on LG G3?


As I mentioned earlier that LG is based upon Android operating system and you can use the command “Ok Google Turn on Flashlight” as well. but in case you are unable to do so then follow this.

At one point or other, there is a time where you want to use the LG G3 as a flashlight. The LG G3 has a problem of android flashlight disappeared. So if your LG G3’s torch widget missing you need to follow the procedure.

Before, you would need to download free flashlight online to turn on the flashlight in LG G3 smartphone. You can stay away from downloading an LG G3 Torch program since LG carries a widget that will turn on the LG G3 flashlight on and off. A widget is a little shortcut that you simply add to the home display of LG G3. It looks to be an app icon, but it is going to turn a flashlight on or off.

So this is How to Turn Flashlight on LG G3

  1. Turn on your LG G3.
  2. With your finger, press down on the home screen down until the”Wallpapers,” Widgets” and”Home display settings” appears on the screen.
  3. Select”Widgets”
  4. Browse all the widgets till you visit”Torch”
  5. Select and hold”Torch” and move it to an open position on the home display.
  6. If you have to use a flashlight on LG G3, simply pick the”Torch” icon.
  7. To turn off the flashlight, you can tap the icon or visit the notification settings to turn off Torch.



Flashlight App Malware


Where these ‘best flashlight app” are helping people to blow up their darkness there is also a thread of malware that is spreading by fake flashlight apps or you can say Flashlight App Malware.

Different Android Flashlight malware applications are Sprinkled across the net, including on the Google Play Store.

They’re promoted as android flashlight app that concentrates on turning on your phone camera’s flash into a flashlight. Some of those fake applications do not even work as a flashlight. It’s possible to experience a lot of advertisements and web page redirects when you attempt to browse the Internet through your phone device if you have a fake flashlight installed as”Best Flashlight App” or perhaps receive a bank Trojan on your telephone called” Android Flashlight Widget”. Keep reading to find out some general suggestions about how to spot a fake Android Flashlight app and try to prevent installing malware on your own Android apparatus.



From saying “Ok Google Turn on Flashlight” to be aware of Flashlight app malware, I have explained everything that I can. So I hope you have completely understood the guidelines and will use for turning your smartphone into a brightest Torchlight just by saying “Okay Google roll on Torchlight”.




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