Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review – Best Bean Shaped EarBuds

So Samsung lovers, are you ready to get your hands on new Samsung Earbuds? Yes, there are new Samsung Earbuds out there in the market, and you can check what kind of features were introduced by Samsung this time in our review.

Samsung finally launched its kidney bean-shaped earbuds for the first time. These buds are tiny and shaped like kidney beans. There are multiple colors for these buds, and you can choose your favorite color as well.

Even the earbuds are somewhat more durable, having an IPX7 ranking and service Samsung 360 Audio when combined with a Samsung-galaxy origin device.

Who Should Use It?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung-galaxy smartphone users are certain to find the maximum use from those earbuds as the mobiles encourage the proprietary Samsung Scalable Codec for supreme quality sound and trustworthy connection advantage.

Samsung’s earphones use an identical open-type design that AirPods users like, plus they stay on your ears.

Perfect Fit in Ear

The Galaxy Buds Live earbuds offer a reliable fit; they stay set up even when you exercise, skateboarding, climb or run.

For regular ear-sized people, the earbuds become uneasy after 1.5 hrs of wear if you use them in your ear.

Many users will probably demand guidance about just how best to utilize the Samsung-galaxy Buds Live; that explains why Samsung makes it rather evident inside the Galaxy Wearable program.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live App Features

You can also download the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live app, and it will ease you. That is not everything it’s excellent for, though; you could even toggle hands-free Bixby access, re-map the signature controls for other digital helper access, empower incoming telling read-outs, choose from six EQ presets (Normal, Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear, along with Treble boost), also access Galaxy Labs for experimental capabilities.

So these earbuds are cool and stylish as they are designed like a kidney bean, and we hope you will like the sound quality.


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