Umair (Author)

My name is Umair and I love to write about tech especially Android-related things. I love to blog on Android associated stuff. I am a coffee lover (actually addicted) sci-fi movie junk and love to bake. So besides a writer, I am a researcher who is doing research on techy material.

I created this site for two major purposes, one is for the sake of passion that I have about Android and second is to help the people who also love Android-related things.

With the help of a team of experts, I have established this wonderful site and now we are making every effort that we can to make this platform worthy for you.

So before we talk about Androidies anymore, let me introduce myself a bit more in detail.

Who am I?

I am nothing but a passionate writer who adores writing for technology especially mobile phones and their things. Also, I have a craze of doing things like bike racing, catching fish and spending time with friends and family.

When I was in high school I started to write about things that I love. Being a tech affectionate and last bencher as well, I did not give much interest in my high school’s medical subjects.

Then I joined college and I applied for programming classes. And luckily I was approved. So that was the period where actually I started to think about all these things seriously.

What accelerated me for Blogging?

Although I loved to write since my high school I never thought about blogging even as a career until I passed my college.

After passing out from college, I applied for Loyola University Chicago.
So when I was studying computer science at the Loyola University of Chicago then I realize that I have to make my career in programming and tech-related things.

I always was an Android OS admirer and this thing helps me a lot to earn my success.

In 2008, when the Android OS and phones were spreading throughout the world, I took the decision that I will work in this field no matter whatever it takes.
During my university life, one of my friends suggests me to write about android and android apps, try to give some reviews on Android apps so the other people can learn from your knowledge.

The idea was very fascinating for me and soon I decided to write a book on android and it’s apps.

But it was very difficult to write a book and then get it published without any fame as an author because nobody was acknowledged by my bio.

After thinking and searching for a way to write about android, I get an idea from the internet. Ys, it was none other than, blogging.

Faced some Challenges

As we all know that getting success in anything isn’t as easy as it seems. The same thing happened to me when I started to blog.

As I was not aware of the term “SEO” which is search engine optimization, so my blog was not a good as it should be.

One another thing that pulling me back was my writing. Although I was very fond of writing and I was writing since my high school, but writing for a good blog isn’t so easy. You have to explain everything in an easy manner so everyone can understand what you are writing.

The problem with me was, I was writing in a Sheikhspeare style that was a full literature style. So in blogging, especially when you are explaining something or providing a solution for a problem then this would never ever work.

So that was a very big matter and cause of strain for me.

Overcome my Flaws

I just can’t wring my hand so I decided to do something for it. Then I find a way and that was a certification in writing skills and creative writing.

So I joined the skill improvement classes and started to improve my skills in writing. The certifications I got are below:

  • Effective Writing Certificate from TrainsMartinc Inc.
  • Effective Technical Writing Certificate from Findcourses
  • Business Writing and Communication Certificate from Northwestern Profesional Studies

So after I have spent my tons of time improving and skills and finally I got succeed.

Where I am seeing this brand after 10 Years?

I am not a fortune teller neither a tarot card reader but I know one thing that is, hard work always pays off.

So I am doing what I can do for my brand and my expert team is also supporting this platform to grow it more.

I am seeing my website or brand to a high level of success in the next 10 years. My vision is to make this site a famous and truest place to come visit and buy anything you want related to Android.

Thanks for visiting my bio and this website as well. Your loyalty is our success.

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